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In this article, you will learn about Jabbawockeez’s net worth, height, weight, age, wiki-bio, birthday, zodiac sign, awards, boyfriend, and many more Jabbawockeez is a notable American hip-hop dance crew that was founded in the country.

Jabbawockeez’s Profile, Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationships, FAQs

Jabbawockeez is a notable American hip-hop dance crew that was founded in the country. Being the lone winner of the renowned television dance reality show “America’s Best Dance Crew,” the dance group enjoys enormous popularity. They won the competition in 2008, and since then they have developed a vibrant hip-hop sound that is highly regarded and admired all around the world.

With their graceful dancing and other qualities, these dance troupes have captured the hearts of millions of people all over the world, giving them newfound prosperity and a bright future. Three people made comprised the group: “Kevin Brewer,” “Phil Tayag,” and “Joe Tarot.” At first, the entire ensemble was referred to as “3 Muskee.” Everyone in the group contributes equally to all they do, and everything is done collectively.

Jabbawockeez Phil Tayag Biography

Tayag is a well-known choreographer and dancer. He gained notoriety as a Jabbawockeez crew member. He is also well-known for having won America’s Best Dance Crew’s inaugural season.

Additionally, Phil danced with Ben Chung as a part of Jabbawockeez. He has reportedly collaborated with Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. He is well-known as an actor for his roles in Project X, Bruno Mars Feat, and Step Up 2: The Streets. Finesse – Remix by Cardi B.

On the other side, Tayag had a performance at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. He frequently hustled while growing up as a garage dancer to pay his bills. In the 1980s, Michael Jackson and Gary Kendall were among his own dancing role models.

Most notably, Phil started breaking up with pals in Murrieta, California, when he was 11 years old. He plays the guitar as well and is a highly busy singer. He regularly works out with his team in the hopes of learning from his “Dance Crew” experience.

Jabbawockeez Age and Zodiac sign

Toyag Phil Tayag was born on October 9, 1984, in Sacramento, California, in the United States, and will be 37 years old in 22 Every year on October 9, he celebrates his birthday; he was born under the sign of Libra.

Height of Jabbawockeez

Tayag is approximately five feet eight inches tall (1.73 meters).

Weight of Jabbawockeez

Phil’s exact weight and other physical characteristics are not currently known to the public. When the data is available, we’ll update this area.

Family of Jabbawockeez

Tayag’s parents brought him up in Sacramento, California, where he was born. Our attempts to learn more about his family, however, were unsuccessful because no such information is available to the public.

Therefore, it is still unknown who Phil’s parents are. Additionally, it is known that he spent his youth with siblings whose names have not yet been made public. His family’s detailed background information is still being reviewed and will be published soon.

Siblings of Jabbawockeez

Together with his siblings, Tayag went through childhood. However, as it hasn’t been made public yet no detailed information about his brother is supplied. When new information becomes available, it will be updated as quickly as possible.

Jabbawockeez Education

Since Phil’s educational history has not yet been made public, no specific information has been given about it. This information is being reviewed, nevertheless, and will be updated as soon as it is.

Jabbawockeez Relationship/Personal Life

Information on Tayag’s partner is unavailable because he prefers to keep his personal life private. Therefore, it is unknown if he is currently dating, wed, or if he has any kids. His detailed marital status is still being reviewed, and the information will be updated as soon as it is available.

Jabbawockeez Professional Career

The Jabbawockeez received a crucial break when they took part as a dance crew in the well-known televised dance competition “America’s Best Dance Crew,” where they decisively took home the trophy in 2008. The dance group received a winning payout of $100,000, which is both impressive and unusual.

Then, Jabbawockeez gained a lot of notoriety and popularity across the United States, which led to them receiving numerous offers in commercial commercials and promotions. Significantly, the dance group appeared in television commercials for brands like “Ford,” “Pepsi,” and numerous others.

Jabbawockeez also made an appearance in the well-known dance movie “Step Up 2: The Street,” playing a brief cameo role. The dancing group was additionally featured in numerous other television programs, including “Dancing with the Star,” “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” and many others.

The Jabbawockeez had a great opportunity in 2009 when they embarked on their Australian Tour, which gave them the ability to showcase their dance talent in cities around Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

The Jabbawockeez had a stunning Las Vegas act in 2010 at the “Monte Carlo Resort and Casino,” which brought them an enormous amount of adoring fans.

Jabbawockeez Net Worth


By 2022, Abbawockeez will have amassed a total net worth of $40 million during their existence. Her performance at DD earned them a total of $100,000. Their numerous trips to both Uruguay and Las Vegas brought in a sizable sum of money. They also have their own stage performances, the first of which is known as М.U.Ѕ.І.С. They own a clothing line, which is also a very good source of their income. They have also collaborated with other businesses, including Social-Sola, Eps, and Ford, which has also been a source of their income.

Аwаrdѕ & Асhіevеmеntѕ

In season 1 of the television dance reality show, Jabbawockeez impressively took home the title of “America’s Best Dance Crew” in the year 2008.

The dancing group received the “Asian Excellence Award” in the same year.

The distinction of “Favorite Reality TV Star” has also been given to the dance group.

The Jabbawockeez have unquestionably elevated their status by receiving the prestigious “Living Legend of Hip-Hop Award.”

Social Media Information:

Fans of Jabbawockeez may keep up with him via multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Jabbawockeez has 2.3 million Instagram followers, 350 thousand Twitter followers, and 5.3 million likes on his Facebook page.


How much is Jabbawockeez worth?

JabbaWockeeZ has an estimated net worth of $25 million. The hip-hop dancing group consists of eight all-male members.

How much did the Jabbawockeez make?

United States’ Top Dance Crew

The winning crew received $100,000. (USD).

Which Jabbawockeez member dies?

Who among the Jabbawockeez perished? One of the original eight JabbaWockeeZ members, Gary “Gee” Kendall, passed away on December 14th, 2007. Gary was raised in Seaside, California, the United States of America, where he was born on November 7, 1970.

How many Jabbawockeez are left?

Randy “DJ Wish One” Bernal and Chris “Cristyle” Gatdula also departed the group to pursue personal goals. How many JabbaWockeeZ are still there today? There are now only five original members left with the passing of Gee and the departure of two more. The absence of a designated leader makes the group distinctive.

Who owns the Jabbawockeez?

Owner of Jabbawockeez and founding member Joe Larot remarked, “We look forward to the coming four years of great success with MGM Resorts.

Who is the female Jabbawockeez?

As the first female dancer to join the Jabbawockeez family, Lil’ BabyWockee is now formally a member of the group. She has performed as a special guest at events like Hip-Hop International and Vegas Shakedown.

Who is the CEO of Jabbawockeez?

Phil Tayag, Jabbawockeez CEO

Who is the highest-paid dancer?

Mikhail Baryshnikov – $45 Million.

Who is Korean from Jabbawockeez?

Bringing Dance to the Next Generation. Ben Chung has established himself in the dance community by doing anything from dancing as a hobby to competing on a large platform with dance gangs. From 2000 to 2001, Chung began performing and rehearsing with friends in neighborhood competitions.

Who is Filipino in Jabbawockeez?

Rynan Shawn “Kid Rainen” Paguio is a 28-year-old Filipino

How did Jabbawockeez get famous?

The Jabbawockeez are a well-known dance group that originally rose to prominence in 2006 on America’s Got Talent before taking home the title of Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) on MTV in March 2008.

What TV show did the Jabbawockeez win?

As the champion of America’s Best Dance Crew’s inaugural season in 2008, the American hip-hop dance group The Jabbawockeez gained notoriety.

What is Jabbawockeez doing now?

The Jabbawockeez have just been re-signed by MGM Resorts for a four-year contract extension after surviving a Covid hiatus. The ensemble will have spent 15 years in Las Vegas by the end of that period, which is Celine Dion’s country.

What hotel is Jabbawockeez?

Jabbawockeez – MGM Grand Las Vegas.

Do the Jabbawockeez still perform?

Jabbawockeez is currently on tour in 1 country, and they have 248 shows coming up.


In conclusion, the Jabbawockeez dance crew has achieved great success through their diverse performances. Although the group has had several members, some of whom have left while others have joined, they have performed admirably. It has been among the best dance crews since 2014 thanks to its distinctive dancing styles and personalities that set them apart from competitors.